Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Credentials

ISO 9001:2008:14001: 2004 & OHSAS: 18001:2007 certified for the following companies:

  • LMW TMD Unit 1,2 & 3
  • LMW Fdy Unit 1 & 2

Quality Policy


To establish a global presence in Spinning systems, Machine tools, Castings and Aerospace by providing superior products and Quality services that enhance value and customer satisfaction. This will be achieved by continual improvement in People, Systems, Processes, Technology and Practices.

Environmental Policy

LMW is committed to incorporate, continuously review and protect overall Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety (EOHS) considerations as a “Service to Future Generations.”

LMW shall achieve EOHS commitments by:

  • Complying with applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Working towards environmental sustainability and enrichment of biodiversity by controlling air, water and land pollution.
  • Reducing the volume of consumption of resources such as water, paper, hardware and other consumables.
  • Encouraging ‘Green Procurement Practices’ to the maximum extent possible and promoting the ‘Reduce / Reuse / Recycle’ principle for all types of wastes.
  • Valuing health, safety and environment issues of employees, clients, suppliers and local communities. Providing safe working conditions to all its employees and promote an environment friendly atmosphere.
  • Initiating, observing and reviewing objectives on a constant basis to improve EOHS practices/performance and its management system.
  • Imparting training to its employees to work safely and to practice sound environmental,health and safety practices. To accomplish these objectives, LMW will provide adequate resources.