Sheet Metal & Special Processes


A.Sheet Metal Parts

  • Seal Segments, Ribs, Cowlings, Heat Shield
  • Vane Inserts, Cover plates, Brackets, Springs etc.
  • Sub Assemblies & Assemblies.


  • Development and Production of components for engine and structural parts
  • Supply of finished components / assemblies with Heat treatment, Surface coatings


  • 5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Machine
  • Hydraulic Rubber Pad Forming Press 800 Tonnes
  • CNC Press Brake – 320 Tonnes
  • Rolling Machine Manual & Motorised
  • Punch Press Machine 80 Tonnes
  • Shearing Machine
  • Fly Press Machine
  • Bench Drilling Machine



World class special process facilities, fully automated processes with captive power & online data capturing paperless recording SCADA System with highly equipped chemical & mechanical testing laboratory. NADCAP Certificated for heat treatment, surface treatment & NDT facilities.
NAS410 Level III certified Inspector.


  • Heat Treatment
    • Solutionsing
    • Solutionsing
    • Precipitation Hardening
    • Annealing
    • Stress Relieving
    • Retarding of age hardening (Cold Storage)
  • Surface Treatment
    • Chromic acid anodising
    • Sulphuric acid anodising
    • Hard anodising
    • Boric & Sulphuric acid anodising
    • Chromate Conversion Coating
    • Temper Etching
    • Ti alodine etching
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
    • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)- Tunnel System
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) – AC/ FWDC / HWDC
    • Temper Etch
  • Chemical Milling
    • 2.7 m x 2 x .8 jobs can be chemicall milled inn our facility
  • Paint Booth
    • Primer Application
    • Top Coat Application, Teflon Coating Dry film
    • Lubricant application
  • Customer approvals
    • HAL
    • UTC-PWA -USA
    • UTCAS
    • MOOG
    • Honeywell ( under process)
    • Boeinng (Under process)
    • Bell –Textron ( under process)

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