Our foundry division located in Arasur is spread over a sprawling built-up area for various sections as specified below:

Main shop floor bay 10472 Sq Mt
Product development center 1530 Sq Mt
Pattern storage 1000 Sq Mt
Fettling 1100 Sq Mt
Incoming material stores 688 Sq.Mt.
Sand plant 688 Sq Mt
Core shop (shooting) 320 Sq Mt
Resin storage 400 Sq Mt
Others 1160 Sq Mt

Built-up area isspread over to 16300 Sq. Metres in total.Fast Loop Line:

Flaskless moulding line, with maximum cake size not exceeding 1500 mm X 900 mm X 450 mm (cope) / 450 mm (drag). Ideal single piece weights ranging from 100 kgs to 300 kgs shall be made in this line. IMF continuous mixer (25 MTs/hour capacity) is available for mixing silica sand with binder system. Automatic roll over machine removes the pattern and leaving the mould for further processing. Mould handlers are available for better maneuverability in final closing operation of cope and drag. Heating ovens are available prior to and after coating to ensure moisture free moulds.

Heavy Moulding Section:

Heavy castings are cast with metallic moulding boxes, with maximum cake size not exceeding 3000 mm X 3000 mm X 850 mm (cope) / 850 mm (drag). Ideal single piece weights ranging from 0.5 MT to 7 MT shall be made in this line.

Core Shop:

Continuous mixers (6 MT capacity 2 nos. and 2 MT capacity 1 no) with cold box core machine (3 litres capacity, 2 nos.), Shell core machine (14” X 16” –1 no & 18” X 24” – 1 no.), Nobake core shooting machine (with capacity of 50 kgs), shell moulding facilities are available.


2.5 MTs capacity, 3 nos, medium frequency induction furnaces form the main melting bay. In addition 2 nos. of 3 MTs capacity, dual track furnaces are also planned to augment the capacity of pouring.


Hanger type shot blasting machines (1 Mt, 2 MT & 6 MT capacities) are available for handling medium to heavy weight castings.

  • Closed hanger type shot blasting machine for light weight and medium weight castings
  • Closed hanger type shot blasting machine for heavy castings

Heat Treatment:

Heat treatment furnaces (2 nos., each with capacity of 10 MTs) are in operation for stress relieving functions. New furnace (of 10 MT) capacity will be added to the present infrastructure to handle enhanced capacity requirments.

Castings staked for heat treatment

Paint Booth:

Overhead trailer type (1 MT capacity) booth and wet type booth (2 MT capacity & 4 MT capacity) are available for handling all Painting applications for sealer primer and also for finish painting.

Dust Collectors:

10 dust collectors (with capacity ranging from 4000 CFM to 60000 CFM) are available in strategic locations to take care of the pollution risk in the foundry.

Sand Reclamation:

Thermal reclamation (3 MT/ hour) and mechanical reclamation (15 MT / hour) plants handle the full cycling requirement for the sand.

Effluent Treatment:

Reverse Osmosis Plant (1 Lakh Litres / day) is in operation within the premises to take care of recycling of water.

Material Handling:

  • 20 cranes (in various capacities ranging from 1 MT to 20 MT) in all manufacturing bays take care of smooth material movement in the foundry.
  • Weighing scales of capacity 5 MT, 60 MT &15 MT (mobile) are available.
  • Compressor facility is available with capacity of 4000 CFM, to supply the operating pressure 6–7 bars for pneumatic conveying / other applications.
  • Loading trailer (upto 5 MT capacity) can handle the container loading requirment for exports.

Lighting /Safety and Security:

Inside the foundry, sufficient lighting arrangements, provision of fire extinguishers, sand pots in critical locations, water jet points are placed sufficiently to ensure proper safety of employees during any emergency.

Pattern Shop & Product Development:

Pattern making in various materials such as seasoned teak wood, Aluminium, epoxy resin, cast iron and expandable polysterene shall be made by using following softwares.

  • UG 2004 (NX3)- Solid modeling and tool path generation
  • Solidworks (2005)- solid model building
  • AUTOCAD (2004) – 2 D drawing
  • Mastercam (2000) – CNC machining programme.
  • MAGMA SOFT (2005) – Filling and solidification simulation software

Kodimould Vertical CNC machining center (table size 1200 mm X 600 mm X 800 mm) is available for pattern making.

ZAYER 2000 moving column vertical CNC Machining Center (Table Size 4150 mm X 1140 mm X 920 mm) is available for pattern machining.

3D layout and marking unit with a surface plate (3 m X 1.5 m X 1.2 m with accuracy of 100 microns) is used 5 Axis versatile wood working milling machine is used for wood pattern machining.BWR (Boiling water resistant) marine plywood is used for match plate applications.

Machine Shop:

Following machines are available in machine shop, in a built-up area of 4500 Sq.Mt.

  • CNC Horizontal boring machine (Sp. dia 160 mm) – 1 no
  • ZAYER universal machining center – 1 no
  • Russian CNC, heavy duty lathe (1.5 Mt table size) -1 no
  • CNC Beco lathe ( swing 1 Mt ) – 1 no
  • CNC Cooper VTL (swing 1.5 Mt) – 2 nos
  • Horizontal boring (WMWM) conventional machine (sp dia. 80 mm) -1 no
  • Radial drilling machine – 3 nos

Machine shop is under constant upgradation to meet the demanding value addtion requirments.

Sand Plant:

Sand plant is equipped with testing facilities to analyse sieve size, clay percentage, ADV, permeability, compression strength, mould hardness, specific gravity of coatings, shell sand hot tensile strength etc. This is a vital department controling the inprocess quality.

Metallurgical Laboratory:

Laboratory is equipped with BAIRD Vacuum emission spectrometer (18 elements), tensile strength tester (UTM) Impact tester, facilities for testing hardness, microstructure, Dye penetrant inspection, Ultrasonic inspection, paint film thickness (DFT) etc.,