Turbo Charger Castings

Single discharge turbine for locomotives is supplied in fully machined condition. Flawless compressor face and clean air passage are important in this casting. More than 12 types of turbine castings are in regular production (GI, 0.3 MT to 0.8 MT).

Cylinder Head

Cylinder heads are made in alloyed castings (0.1 MT to 0.2 MT). These parts are integrally cast with metallurgy to ensure high temperature capacity in fire deck area. The core assembly is a critical manufacturing point with more than 17 cores.

Scroll Turbine

Critical spiral hollow portion is cast with due care to ensure complete clean passage (0.1 MT GI). This improves engine performance.

Blowers Castings

These turbo charger volute castings (with single end and double end openings) are made in Grey