Textile Machinery

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, a leading Textile Machinery Manufacturer in India and one among the three in the world to produce the entire range of Spinning Machinery. In 1962, LMW was founded to provide the Indian Textile Mills with the latest Spinning Technology. It caters to the domestic market as well as Exports the products to Asian and Oceanic regions.


Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., has been consistently at the forefront of technological advancements in textile machinery. Over a period of time, the company has gained a worldwide reputation for its state-of-the-art technology and high quality standards. LMW has a major role as a totally integrated spinning system manufacturer. One can be assured of the unique LMW brand excellence on every product.


Spinning machines from LMW contributes to a large extent in keeping production costs down and quality standards up. When it comes to replacement of parts it makes all the more sense to source original spare parts from LMW to optimize machine reliability, ensure quality and performance more importantly to ensure accurate interaction with other machinery parts. In short what you get is real value for money.

Customer Support

LMW goes beyond just providing machinery for textile industry. The comprehensive range of spinning systems that we offer is accompanied by various value-added services. These services are meant to familiarize customers with the systems and help them attain optimum performance outputs.
In providing such complete, customized solutions we strive not just to satisfy our customers but to delight them.