Gear drives are the most versatile and accurate form of drive. They can transmit drive at any angle, any speed and practically at any load conditions. Accurate transmission of speed, maintaining constant pressure angle and smooth running of gears are achieved by high tech manufacturing of gears. Carefully chosen raw material ensures longest life or the gear.


Thanks to the CNC laths with which quality standards like uniform closer tolerance, tooth accuracy, trueness and repeat-ability has become a reality, meeting international standards. Fully automatic system like turning, broaching, drilling, tooth cutting, shaving, grinding, hardening and honing are all the processes where gears are crafted. Special surface treatment like HF hardening / case hardening / nitrating enhances wear resistance.


Spur / Helical – Blowroom to Ringframe
Timing belt Pulley – All machines
Sprocket wheels – All machines
Bevel – All machines
Worm and Worm wheels – All machines
Planetary gears – Drawframe, Comber and Speedframe
Ratchet wheel – Combing machines


Gears are tested at dedicated climate controlled gear lab with master gears forevery profile using sophisticated testing equipment like profile testers and doublelank testers.


  • Lead quality
  • Interchangeability
  • Reliability
  • Extended life