Card LC300A V4


Salient Features

  • High Production
  • Modular Construction
  • FRC system ensures levelled material
  • Aluminium alloy cylinder cover plates
  • Easy tongue setting adjustment
  • FMC system facilitate symmetric web gathering

High Production with Superior Quality

  • Production up to 80 kg/hr
  • Delivery Speed up to 300 m/min. (mechanical)
  • Cylinder Speed up to 550 rpm
  • Excellent quality with in-built short term and long term FRC system
  • PCL & PCD system ensures less imperfection in sliver


  • Suction system through fibre reinforced plastic ducts for waste collection and provision for centralized suction
  • Feed from Fine feed or Lap feed
  • Manual or Automatic waste evacuation system
  • Effective suction by individual or centralized collection system
  • Separation of Licker-in and flat waste
  • Linear or Rotary Can changers
  • Wide range of can coilers to suit various customer needs

Ease of Maintenance

  • Compact and maintenance free flat drive system
  • Replaceable combing segments with special knives and control bars
  • Effective suction for removal of trash and micro dust
  • Compact doffer drive with inverter, controlled by PLC
  • Touch screen display system