Draw Frame LD 2


  • Delivery speed of upto 1000 m/min (mechanical) .
    Technologically up to 800 mpm
  • Spring loaded 4 over 3 pressure bar drafting arrangement for
    controlled fibre flow
  • Timing belt drive for noiseless transmission
  • Delivery Can Size of 20” x 45” / 48”, 24” x 48” with can changer
    and 40” x 48” without can changer
  • Ergonomically designed creel for accommodating feed cans
    upto 40” diameter
  • Increases the efficiency of downstream process by upto 10%
  • Reduces manpower requirements



The newly designed high speed non autoleveller draw frame model LD2 with two delivery heads with automatic can changer for cans of upto 600 x 1200 mm (24” x 48”) and delivery size of 40” x 48” without can changer arrangement enables the spinner to reduce the cost of production considerably. With technological speeds of upto 800 mpm (1000 mpm mechanical) , slivers of high evenness can be produced out of a wide range of raw materials such as cotton, man-made fibres and blends.


High delivery speeds of upto 800 mpm are achieved by means of the design of the drafting arrangement and the guidance of slivers. The design of the drafting system ensures shor ter web travel distance after parallelization, eliminating lengthy web guide tube and guaranteeing less sliver breakage at high delivery speeds.


The newly designed 4 over 3 pressure bar drafting arrangement with pneumatic weighting system facilitates the machine to run at high delivery speeds. The drafting system is equipped with spring loaded top rollers and the holding & releasing of the top arm is through mechanical locking. Electrical stop motion is provided to instantaneously stop the machine in case of roller lapping. The provision of adjustable suction nozzles over the top rollers ensures cleaner slivers.


The machine is equipped with two types of coiler arrangement, 40” Coiler – For delivery can size of 40” x 48” without can changer arrangement and 20” / 24” Coiler – For delivery can size of 20” and 24” with automatic can changer arrangement. Draw off rollers are provided for production of compact sliver. Coiler is designed with a special canal for low friction.