Ring Frame LRJ 9 Series


  • Maximum number of spindles up to 1,824
  • 4 QM drive for drafting system with T-Flex drive
  • Simple compacting system
  • AC Servo Drive for 4th Roller – Adjustment of compact tension
    draft through display
  • Duo Compact Nozzle
  • Unique Suction Arrangement
  • Synthetic Apron with perforations – Less Maintenance and
    Longer life
  • AC Servo drive for ring rail movement
  • TPI change from display
  • Maximum spindle speed up to 25,000 rpm (mechanical)
  • Auto doffer and provision to link with winder


Ring frame LRJ 9 Series, with up to 1,824 spindles, is designed with a blend of cutting-edge technology and proven LR9 series to cater to the needs of compact yarn spinners. The superlative features of this Ring frame are configured in every facet to deliver high quality yarn.


The roving material from bobbin passes through main drafting system of 3 over 3 pneumatic drafting system and gets drafted. The drafted material is guided over the perforated apron containing the Nozzle assembly with suction slot. The reduced fibre strand width and parallely aligned fibres from Nozzle assembly are passed through the fourth pair of front rollers and get delivered.


The compact roller drive is through AC Servo motor for precise control and fine adjustment of tension draft through display. In addition to the above, proven 4 QM drive for drafting and T-Flex arrangement is inbuilt along with the machine.


The Compact suction is provided by a couple of suction pipes on top of the machine.Required effective and uniform suction is maintained in every spindle by means of a specially designed variable suction boots and inverter driven Fan. The compacting nozzles are made up of polymer for each two spindles with provision of easy cleaning at its both ends.


  • Reduced Zweigle S3 value up to 85%
  • Improvement of single yarn strength up to 15%

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