Structural Parts

Manufacturing Product Range

  • Aero Structure components viz ;Panels, Skin, Wings
  • Brackets, Stiffners, Fairings
  • Ribs, Bulkhead, Frames, Cockpit, Fuselage
  • Sub Assemblies & Assemblies.


  • Complex machining with the most sophisticated state-of-the art 24,000 rpm high speed 5 Axis machining with vaccum bed capable for large structural parts.
  • Vertical and Horizontal machine with multi-pallet system for high production solutions.
  • High end Carl Zeiss (1.8M x 1.2M) & DEA (5M x 2M) CMM to facilitate measurement of critical and large parts.
  • Superior in technology coupled with a team of highly skilled engineers.


  • 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre {10 M x 3.8 M x 1.3 M}
  • 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre {6 M x 3.8 M x 1.3 M}
  • 3 Axis Vertical Machining Centre {4.2 M x 2.2 M x 0.85 M}

struct-part1 struct-part2 struct-part3
struct-part4 struct-part5 str1
str2 str3  

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