R & D

R & D forms the basis of LMW’s efforts in making processes simpler, smoother and faster for the Textile industry.

LMW’s Mission is to develop Machines that are

  • Reliable
  • Technologically advanced
  • Simple
  • Superior in quality
  • Satisfying Customer Expectation

R & D is a highly structured activity at LMW and stringent quality control measures have lead to technologically superior products. There is a total concentration on upgradation of technology and standardization of components.

Product Teams
The Design Team is formed into Product Teams headed by a Team Leader and this is fully entrusted with the development of particular machinery by using a common platform for machine building and standardization.

The validation is a very important aspect in the design. Wherever possible, the validation of sub-assembly system is adopted. The complete machinery is run for atleast 6 to 9 months in mill operating condition and the performance is checked for all mechanical, control and technological functions.

Technological Trials
In our Pilot Mill, Customer Trials, Development Verification trials and Process trials to optimize quality parameters are carried out.

Reliability Engineering
Based on the previous history and customer complaints, the reliability testing of components is carried out by using latest instruments like Power Meter, Sound Level Meter, Spectrum Analyser and Data Logger.

Customer Focus
R & D concentrates on solving customer complaints.

Technical Library
Our Technical Library has more than 2000 Books and 100 Journals. All the updated International and LMW Standards are available.

Machine Show Room
For customers to have hands-on experience on capability of the machines and to achieve the desired levels of production and quality, LMW’s Machine Showroom is equipped with the complete range of state-of-art machines.

Machinery Capability Trials
Based on the customer’s specific requirement, Custom-made trials and analysis of the results are conducted. 

Process Optimization Trials

Optimization of processing parameters and Machinery settings for different raw materials such as cotton, polyester, P/V, P/C etc.,

Optimization of Machines for various Applications.