Card LC 363 / LC 361


  • Higher Production, up to 120 kg/hr
  • Triple / Single Licker-in arrangement
  • Aluminium alloy flats with increased no. of revolving flats
  • Highest Active Flat Index (AFI)
  • Pressure Regulated Chute for Uniform Feeding
  • Optimum waste extraction at right place
  • Precision and balanced geometry of technological elements
  • High take up web doffing device


Card LC363 / LC361 is designed for higher production up to 120 kg/hr with distinctivefeatures to produce high quality sliver in every variety of cotton, man-made fibre and blends.“Well carded is half spun”. Card LC363 / LC361 is configured to produce better yarncharacteristic with reduction in running cost.


Pressure regulated chute ensures active compression on the fibre material resulting intooptimal batt structure for highest sliver quality.


Card LC363 / LC361 has unidirectional feeding arrangement with saw toothed feed rollerfor gripped and gentle fibre transfer to Licker-in zone. The material is fed from feed roller inthe direction of rotation of the Licker-in to eliminate the fiber rupture. Variable nippingdistance can be set for processing different staple fibres.

The triple Licker-in system with high speed will provide more percentage of individualizedfibers. The 1st Licker-in has double knife and an Arcual combing segment for intensivecleaning and pre opening. 2nd and 3rd Licker-in has a replaceable combing strip for furthergentle opening. Optimised wires and Specialized Angle help reduce load to cylinder.Resulting in better carding action in cylinder zone.


The Active flat index is a measure of actual carding area in the machine. The real cardingaction takes place between cylinder clothing and revolving flats. In Card LC363 / LC361,110 degrees of cylinder surface is occupied by the revolving flats (36 working flats out of97 total flats) which in linear terms works out to 1.296 mtrs over the carding width of 1 mtr. This helps to achieve better sliver quality.