Draw Frame LDAZ


  • High delivery speed of up to 1,100 mpm (mechanical)
  • 4 Over 3 drafting arrangement with Pressure bar
  • Centralized bottom roller setting
  • Digital auto levelling system
  • Integrated suction system for drafting, console, and sliver feed
    at Scanning
  • Filter box with auto clean arrangement
  • Creel to suit feed Can 24” dia. x 48” ht. and Optionally
    40” dia. x 48” ht.
  • Delivery Cans dia. 16” to 24” with castor / Delivery Can ht. 42”, 45” and 48”
  • Common Can changer arrangement for 18”, 20” and 24”

Draw Frame LDAZ

The newly designed high speed auto leveller drawframe model LDAZ sets new standards for sliver and yarn quality. The improved levelling technology forms the basis for unsurpassed sliver and yarn quality. The extremely fast levelling reactions to the sliver irregularities offer the shor test possible correction periods and guarantee the best sliver quality even at top delivery speeds. This provides optimum conditions for downstream processing, and improved end product quality.


Drawframe LDAZ works under the principle of open loop control system. Proven tongue and groove rollers are used for scanning the feed sliver variations. Slivers show unsurpassed evenness in the shor t, medium and long time range. These result in quality output of the delivered sliver, 1mtr CV% of sliver by cut and weigh method as < 0.4.


The machine is equipped with a new 4 over 3 drafting arrangement. The bottom rollers are specially fluted and a technologically optimized profiled pressure bar is provided in the main draft zone in order to control the floating fibres. These ensure optimum draft to achieve better sliver evenness.


The web nozzle profile is optimized in order to achieve optimum sliver formation. The shor test web travel distance after parallelization guarantees less sliver breakages and higher delivery speeds. This increases the productivity and the efficiency of the machine.