Lap Former LH 15


  • Production of up to 520 kg/hr
  • Average delivery speed up to 150 m/min
    (depending on raw material)
  • Minimum doffing time ensures higher efficiency and productivity
  • PRO-IN control system for better lap preparation
  • Belt drive for smoother & noiseless operation
  • Ergonomically designed positively driven creel for sliver feed
  • User friendly touch screen display for better navigation
  • Improved user friendliness in maintenance perspective

High Production Technology

The design of the technological components plays an impor tant role in enhancing the productivity of the machine. In Lap Former LH15, the patented lap roller profile and its optimized groove guarantees a constant average speed for all counts. Double optimized grip by lap roller ensure better lap formation. This is a major contributing factor for high productivity of upto 520 kg/hr.

Lap Loading – PRO-IN Control System

The resultant load applied on the lap is maintained through PRO-IN Control system. The speed is gradually reduced as the lap diameter increases. Both the above factors combined with optimal positioning of lap roller system, ensure constant batt weight throughout the lap build-up. Maintaining constant resultant load on the lap and reduction in speed, eliminates faulty draft in this zone and helps in maintaining 1m CV% of less than 0.5 throughout the lap. The speed and pressure can be controlled from display.

Drafting System

The drafting system is equipped with 4 over 4 spring loaded arrangement driven by belts. Two drafting heads are provided for super imposing layers of the lap sheet. The 4 over 4 roller arrangement provides optimum drafting force and maintains better batt strength.

Delivery Section

Average delivery speed of upto 150 mpm (depending on raw material) contributes to high productivity of upto 520 kg/hr. Lap is built with the PRO-IN Control System, with three individual curves from start to finish. The 3 over 1 calender roller arrangement helps in perfect calendaring of the lap sheet and is also user friendly in easy piecing. Laps with linear density of 60 g/m to 80 g/m can be produced to cater to a wide range of counts (coarse, medium etc.). The machine is capable of producing laps with a maximum lap diameter of upto 600 mm and lap width of 300 mm.