Lakshmi Winder LW72

Salient Features

  • Maximum Mechanical speed 2000 m/min
  • Number of winding heads up to 72
  • Digital Signal Control (DSC) technology
  • Nine bobbin magazine system
  • Square type unwinding accelerator with Variable speed control system
  • Variable Timing Antikink System
  • Protection for abrasive yarn winding
  • Electronic Anti Patterning (EAP)
  • Dual Drive Cycle shaft to increase splicing cycle
  • Twin-disc type pneumatic yarn tensioner
  • Electroless nickel plated grooved drum
  • Waxing system with wax exhaust detection
  • Inverter Controlled Suction Motor
  • Twin Doffer option for counts below 20s
  • Wider Range of Drum Reversal Speeds for easy manipulation of splicing cycle Min 30 mpm max 70 mpm
  • Machine with inbuilt computer, UPS and 15” touch screen for HMI
  • Ground Contact roller type Bobbin Trolley
  • Wider Width Package Conveyor