Ring Frame LR60 Series

Innovation in the series of proven, established and successful line
of LR6 Ring frames

The variants in LR60 series are
LR60/A – Without Doffer
LRJ 60/A – Without doffer & with Suction Compact
LR60/AX – With Doffer
LR60/AXL – With Link Coner
The main drive – with inverter


Salient Features

  • Spindleage upto 1200
  • Inverter drive
  • Servo Drive for Ring rail
  • Autodoffer, Linkconer and Compact Spinning as optional features
  • Automated and user friendly machine

Servo Drive To Ring Rail

Smooth Ring rail movement ensured by servo drive results in precise winding & binding coils.The following factors facilitates perfect Cop build controlled through display,

  • Lift, Starting and Ending position
  • Cop Base
  • Chase Length
  • Yarn Winding length per ring rail traverse
  • Cop diameter
  • Reversing of Binding & Winding coils
  • Long and Short snarl elimination
  • Top bunching for auto coner requirement

Inverter Drive

  • Speed Control Through Inverter system
  • Main drive through Inverter system offers smooth and stepless spindle speed throughout Cop build
  • Maintenance free flat belt drive
  • Less Speed variation

P3-1 Drafting Arrangement

  • High Operational reliability and easy setting
  • Centralised control of Loading avoids setting for individual top arms
  • Uniform and step-less load on all top rollers
  • Automatic load reduction when machine is stopped avoids flattening of cots

Duoflex Drive Arrangement

  • Withstands high drafting force
  • The torsional load on the middle and back bottom rollers is reduced thro’, Middle row split and 3rd row split

Auto Doffer – Salient Features

  • Automation
  • Rationalization of labour
  • Doff time is less than 3 minutes
  • Gentle removal of cops increases life expectancy of spindles
  • Crash proof auto-doffing
  • Linking with the upstream machine