Ring Frame LR9/SX/SXL & LRJ9/SX/SXL


Salient Features

  • Maximum spindles upto 1824
  • Change gear less Ring frame — Swift changeover of Draft & Twist through display
  • Provision to produce fancy yarns such as Siro, Slub, Injection slub, Multicount, Multitwist &
    Multieffect Yarn
  • Low decibel spindles to reduce the noise generation with Burnishing treatment
  • Individual Yarn Breakage Monitoring System for Improved Efficiency
  • Energy module with higher efficient main motor and fan motor
  • Invertor controlled fan motor to reduce the power consumption
  • Dual side Suction for broken end with inclined suction boot and inverter drive for fan motor
  • Servo Drive for Ring rail
  • Polymer Jockey pulleys with life time lubricant
  • Credo+ rings to improve the Utilization by reducing the running-in period
  • Autodoffer with Basket Type Tube Loader and Provision to link with winders