Speed Frame LF1400A

Salient Features

  • Flyer speed up to 1400rpm
  • Delivery speed up to 40 mts/min
  • Flexibility in drafting system
  • Top and Bottom clearer device with suction
  • Number of spindles up to 144
  • Pneumo stop and Creel stop


High Production

  • Flyer Speed up to 1400 rpm (mechanical)
  • Delivery speed up to 30 mts/min. for cotton and 40mts/min. for synthetics
  • Package size 12″ x 6.5″

User Friendliness

  • Positive Top and Bottom clearer system
  • Effective suction system for both top and bottom clearer waste
  • Dual compartment filter box
  • Electro magnetic device for reliable trough reversal
  • Simplified 3 roller and 4 roller spring loaded Drafting system
  • Creel up to 7 rows for easy accessibility